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Pressure Washing Services

Power Washing Example House - Integrity Painting Power WashingPressure washing is the application of a high pressure spray on the exterior of your home or business. The results of a well done power wash can be astonishing and well worth the investment but this must be done by a qualified pressure washing professional.

Pressure Washing may look simple, but do not be fooled. In untrained hands the high pressure spray can cause devastating effects. There are very specific techniques used by the professionals at Integrity Painting. These techniques allow us to successfully kill mildew and clean the surfaces. Amateurs SHOULD NEVER BE USED.

Pressure washing can be very dangerous if not performed properly. High pressure water can penetrate most surfaces instantly. With a 3000 psi (pounds per square inch) pressure washer, you could carve your name in the side of the very thing you are trying to clean if you are not careful. Many homeowners and business owners are not aware of this danger and it has cost them - do not fall victim to this.

Pressure washing requires tremendous SKILL and KNOWLEDGE. Integrity Painting has trained it's power washing specialists in all of the safest and most effective techniques to insure that your power wash will result in a clean surface each time.

Integrity Painting offers full service exterior home and commercial building cleaning. Whether you're getting ready for that big party, the holidays, getting your home ready for sale or just want to keep the exterior of your home clean, Integrity Painting can handle the job for you.

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